Private coaching is the most powerful modality for higher leadership and meaningful, lasting change.


Private coaching is dedicated focus and purposeful support of you and your career experience. 1:1 co-active sessions help you shift, deepen your engagement, and develop as a next level leader. Master your own higher leadership. Create the experience you want. 

  • Complimentary sample session: 30 minute consultation to learn more and ascertain coaching partnership fit

  • Minimum coaching engagment: 4 months of sessions (average of 1-2 per month) to ensure client coach partnership yields desired results (first session: 90 minutes; subsequent sessions: 30 - 45 minutes)

  • Location: Coaching is conducted over the phone, via Skype / Zoom, or in person in uptown Toronto, Ontario unless otherwise arranged

Coaching requires:

  • A trusting, safe environment: confidentiality and adherence to the highest professional standard of coaching ethics guaranteed 

  • Curiosity, non-judgment, and open-mindedness to support discovery

  • Open communication and partnership mindset

  • Personal responsbility and committment to act

Coaching makes possible: 

  • new mental models and shifted beliefs

  • enhanced performance and development approaches

  • more effective training

  • enhanced partnerships

  • fulfillment of personal and organizational goals


Connect, engage, create, enjoy. 



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Leadership Communication Consulting


Kickstart next level leadership with a coaching-inspired leadership communication workshop. Learn to Lead from Common Ground. Words, deeds, bonds. Customizable workshops are designed together with leadership teams to ensure targeted focus and format is achieved. Workshops are one or two days in length. 

Extended Strategic Engagements

Develop the learning experienced in the workshop with a customized strategic consulting engagement. Duration and focus to be determined with client based on current state, desired state, milestone goals, timeline, and appropriate engagement level. 


popular topics

  • Next Level Leadership @Work: Lead from Common Ground®

  • Humanizing The Presenter: Creating Compelling Connection

  • Managing Perception: Self Leadership & Personal Brand

  • Cross-functional Teams: Integrating Objectives through Conversational Intelligence



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Original recordings to charge up your change

Presentation Prep
Fuel up passion, dial up focus, tap into meaning and open up to connect.

(From the Applied Tools Series)

Readiness for Change
Identify limiting beliefs, current perspective, and potential new perspectives. Choose the one that best serves you.

(From the Transformation Series)

 Emotional Charge Reset: Clear the Cache
Regain composure, calm, focus and clarity after an emotionally charged situation.

(From the Executive Brain Series)


Other audios:

Career Conversation Prep 
See the mutuality. Find the meaning and bigger picture. Build a constructive mindset and bring it to the table.


Performance Review 
Review what's important to you. Empower yourself and enliven the process so it works for everyone.



New you, new team
Choose how you show up. See your surroundings in a new way. Create new possibilities for yourself and your team.