Professional and personal well-being. It's yours to create. 

You're brave enough to ask if there's more. Wise enough to answer yes. Committed enough to create it

You're not alone. How you feel matters. It is possible to enjoy your life's work, and the life you lead. Cultivating professional well-being is a choice - an empowered one - for next level leaders driven by purpose, meaning, and connection. Those ready to build a new world of work that feels good, does good, and is good for all of us. Step outside the box and cultivate something truly cool.


Cultivate professional well-being - for yourself, your teams, your organization. Lead from Common Ground®.  

The old way no longer working? Learn how to successfully leave old models behind. Lead from any level. Break unhealthy patterns, shift perspective, and create a life you enjoy leading - at work and outside it. Engage with the evolving world of work by identifying the skills required to shape it. A new leadership paradigm built on fulfilment, trust, authenticity, emotional connection, integrative communication, complementarity and joy. Life - and work - with peace, power, and true vitality. Create new possibilities and the power to realize them. 

Lead with well-being in mind. 

Next-level leadership for the human economy integrates the science (brain plasticity and behavioural change) and sense (intuition and embodied intelligence) of how people get along and get things done. We are all creative, resourceful, and whole.  Change the mind (conscious and subconscious) to change the experience. Draw on the brain body connection to make empowered choices that suit the soul. Coaching shifts mental models, replacing faulty subconscious conditioning and conscious communication behaviours, to create alignment and transformative change. Integrative communication. Powerful connection. Cultural transformation. 

Trade contraction for expansion. Disconnection for connection. Sync up purpose and potential. Create personal and shared meaning to bring strategy to life and build skills to successfully navigate change over time. Strengthen your foundation, integrate your resources, empower your growth. Truly live the life you're leading - in a way that deeply works.

Amy Douglas, MSc, CPCC
Coach & Change Partner


CURIOUS about CULTIVATING professional well-being?


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Amy Douglas


Founder, Coach & Change Partner

Amy Douglas Coaching Consultancy

MSc (Org. Psych), BCom, CPCC

LEAD YOURSELF WELL. Ground and grow a healthy leadership lifestyle. 

I partner with discerning next- level leaders ready to empower themselves and their teams to live and lead well. Healthy and whole. Combining brain science, business experience, and communications expertise, I help clients Lead from Common Ground® to succeed at work and outside it without the struggle that sacrifices wellness. 

Align what you think is right with what actually feels that way. Choose your thoughts and beliefs with discipline. Back up new mental models with intentional action. Pay attention to the brain/ body connection. Empower your teams to own and enhance their engagement. Be better. Be more. Be whatever. But be conscious. Be empowered. Be on purpose. Be you, well. Ground to grow. Build a solid foundation that integrates mental, sensory and spiritual intelligence to bridge gaps, create meaningful growth, and build skills for sustainable success. If you are a 'yes, and' person who believes more is possible and is ready to create it, I'm the coach for you. My strength is leadership mastery for a healthy, whole life. 

I use co-active communication and Conversational Intelligence, coaching best practices (CTI, ICF, CCF, EED), presence and stress reduction exercises backed by neuro-scientific research, guided visualizations, and meditation to shift mental models, integrate intuition, and power up engagement.   Connect individual work to personal meaning and organizational priorities. Rise above complexity to facilitate progress. Bring work to life. Create a life that works for you. A life you love to lead. 

Powerful connection starts with self leadership. I have learned this firsthand. Through leading employee engagement and cultural leadership communication initiatives at one of Canada's largest, strongest, and best branded banks. Leading diverse cross-functional teams. Building communications plans and business cases. Learning about neuroscience, behavioural change and social psychology of work alongside global peers (MSc, London School of Economics; BComm, McGill University). Writing at one of Canada's largest media communications companies. Experiencing and supporting corporate change. My passion? Partnering with people as they actively shape their experience, and in so doing, the new world of work life.

Designing healthier work and lives is a creative opportunity for us all. Let's start!

"Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"

International Coaches Federation




Get support connecting with more of what you know. Access your own resourcefulness - clarifying what you're doing and who you're being - to make possible clarity, choice, and change.


The coaching relationship evolves with you because it's designed by and for you. You set the agenda, goals, success markers and timeline. Your coach supports your growth. 



Propelled by neuroscientific and behavioural science, coaching helps you clarify your current condition and produce meaningful change. Integrative and forward moving.